Heidi Bohan
Native Plants, Pacific Northwest Ethnobotany, Traditional Knowledge
Permaculture Design, Sustainable Living, People of Cascadia book


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There are many projects related to sustainability in the Snoqualmie Valley and I have involved myself to the full extent that I am able. I believe that this work is critical as 'part of the solution', and at those moments when the bad news of the world seems overwhelming and perhaps hopeless, I remember that solutions to major problems usually start small, in our communities, and that this is the best work I can do.

I am so happy to have 'landed' in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, after 10 years back in the nearby foothills. I've now been living for three years in this home on incredible farmlands that border Tolt-McDonald Park (a culturally significant site) Tolt and Snoqualmie River and the Cascade Mountains. The home is a historic farmhouse, 103 years old, the Hjertoos House on the Carnation Tree Farm in the town of Carnation.

I am in my sixth year as manager for the Carnation Farmers Market, after one year as a committed volunteer. This has been an incredible experience learning about this thriving local economic system, which has so many positive virtues. It is nearly the hardest job I've ever had, and certainly one of the most rewarding. We are adding staffing this year to make it better than ever.

I am in my fifth year as executive director for the Sno-Valley Tilth.  We are working on some great projects to support local, organic/sustainable agriculture and food systems in the valley, and I would encourage any and all to join and support this effort.

And I have the great honor, and pleasure of working with the Snoqualmie Tribe and Northwest Indian College community sharing knowledge about Traditional Ecological Knowledge, native plants and their uses, basketry, traditional foods and more. I am a member of the Canoe Family which conducts annual Canoe Journeys down the river and out to sea to join with other tribes in the region as a cultural restoration movement. I am helping to bring plant knowledge to this experience and gardens to the Snoqualmie tribe lands.